I help people and businesses to resolve commercial, employment and workplace disputes.

I have been Mediating regularly since November 2016 in a wide range of disputes including company, commercial, workplace and multi-party community. Prior to that, during 2015-16 I conciliated some 40 civil/commercial disputes between accountants and their business clients, using standard civil/commercial Mediation principles & processes.

In my previous roles I helped to resolve hundreds of employment, workplace, partnership and commercial disputes by negotiation, arbitration, litigation, conciliation and mediation.

I am a Data Protection Lawyer advising organisations on data protection law and practice. I am a Certified Information Privacy Professional – Europe (CIPP/E) by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and a Solicitor.

Recent feedback:

‘Thank you so much for being so practical and helping us achieve resolution’ – Defendant’s lawyer in civil/commercial mediation

‘My husband and I wanted to express our heartfelt thanks for your effective, sensitive, patient, generous and valuable mediation in this acrimonious case’ – Party in commercial conciliation

Contact me:

07973 886981