ADRg Annual Conference (14 December 2016)

The ADRgroup’s annual conference at St Hugh’s College Oxford was an excellent day, with valuable advice and guidance on both mediating and attracting mediation work. It also provided an excellent opportunity for sightseeing, with some eerie reminders of the ‘dead of Jericho’ and the ‘last bus to Woodstock’.

Taking the ‘A’ out of ‘ADR’ (13 November 2016)

Lord Justice Briggs gave a speech to the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators’ mediation symposium in September 2016 about his recommendation for reforms to the court system.

He said that the changes will bring alternative dispute resolution ‘into the mainstream’ of civil dispute resolution: ‘It makes resolution by the parties a culturally and actually normal part of civil dispute resolution, rather than something alternative to the mainstream…in short, it seeks to take the “A” out of “ADR”.