From Litigation to Resolution and Mediation (30 March 2017)

The NHS is continuing to embrace mediation.

With effect from April 2017, the NHS Litigation Authority is changing its name to ‘NHS Resolution’. Helen Vernon, the Chief Executive, described this (and other changes) as ‘ … a fresh approach to resolution which reduces the need for costly and stressful court proceedings.

This follows on from Helen Vernon’s statement in December 2016 when launching the NHSLA‘s new mediation service: ‘Mediation is an excellent forum for dispute resolution and provides injured patients and their families with an opportunity for face-to-face explanations and apologies when things go wrong and reducing the need for unnecessary litigation. We have used mediation to good effect throughout our 20 year history, including in high profile cases and group actions. … we will closely monitor the service to ensure we see the positive benefits we believe can result from greater uptake of this non-adversarial approach to dispute resolution.